Grief Recovery Denver
The Grief Recovery Workshops are dedicated to providing a safe place to support those going through grief that includes everything from grief triggered by anticipatory grief, the loss of a dearly loved pet, to the loss of a loved one. 

These workshops are designed to support your broken heart and bring healing through a step by step method leading to completion of the emotional pain associated with anticipatory grief, loss of a child and other loved one, loss of a relationship, divorce, pet, empty nest syndrome, or any of the 40 documented losses a person can face in a lifetime.  This is a powerful and proven method to support you through one of the most difficult times in your life. (If groups aren’t your thing, this can also be done on an individual basis.) 

We will honor your process, help you get back on track and support you through this incredibly difficult time.    

Grief Recovery Services Denver

These workshops are designed to provide you with support that is action oriented and will bring significant healing.  It is a place to share, receive trusted support and work through the emotional pain associated with your broken heart.

We have workshops that are specific to:

Grief of the lost of loved ones.
Anticipatory Grief associated with parents of children with terminal illnesses.
Anticipatory Grief associated with those with loved ones with Alzheimer's or other memory loss.
Grief associated with caring for loved ones with illnesses.
Grief groups associated with the loss of dearly departed pets.

In addition, we host talks and workshops that are specific to getting through anniversaries of death, creating new traditions, and getting your life back.

If you would like to learn new coping skills, receive support and heal, we welcome you to this healing space. 
The cost of all 8 week workshops is $180.00 and includes the workbook.

​Please call us at 720-480-3317 to reserve your seat. 

The Grief and Wellness Center of Denver